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Sites Like Zales

Here are sites & stores like Zales. And also better Zales alternatives or similar stores. So, if you are searching for other fashion sites like Zales or its sister sites, we have got you covered!

In the mist of quantum number of jewelry dealers, came the birth of this giant that became the best with distinction in all their services. Zales specialize in collections of unique and quality jewelries such as Engagement rings, Pearl Jewelry, Birthstone Gemstone Jewelry as well as others precious jewelries at large.

Are you looking for Zales alternatives because you can’t find your desire item? Or you want more Zales options with better qualities? Below we have explained everything you need to know about store like Zales, however, you can skip all these to the list of all the sites like Zales below.

Zales as a jewelry site has made a remarkable in the lives of their customers because they put them first which in return has given the multiple reasons to celebrate. Their series of contact is both from online and off-line as the case may be, and this further strengthened their service policy in ensuring that every product purchased from them remains the best at all times.

More About Zales

Zales as a Jewelry shop was registered and founded way back on the 29th of March,1924 with William Zale, Morris Zale and Ben Lipshy playing a major role in ensuring that their core value and goal is sustained.

With the zeal to be among the best jewelry sellers store, the first showroom was opened in the small town in Wichita Falls, Texas. Zales being unique from other Jewelers also included other businesses to their stock, which includes Cameras, Cookware as well as other small home appliances.

If you wish to engage on a business trip with Zales on your mind, the company is located at their registered address on 375 Ghent Road Ankron, Ohio 44333, United States of America, the business transaction is bound to be successful as Zales keeps good record of having a cordial customer relationship. You can as well purchase from the company’s online web-based platform using the site’s official web address, on, however, you need to get more knowledge on the company’s details so that you may know your eligibility level in the terms and condition of the site, which is a prerequisite factor to make transactions with them. 

With further analysis, Zales has acquired lots of fame that in the early 1980’s the company broke record by acquiring more than 890 carats of conflict free flawless diamond, which ranked them the first in the world, although the company was faced many debts to manage and this lead them to file for bankruptcy, miraculously, they survived it and returned with lots of expansion which were carried out to boost their sales, they also partner with big company like Vera Wang to make a remarkable sales profit at the end of 2017 fiscal year with billions of dollars involved.

Zales through their wealth of know with customer have channeled online as well as in-store issues about customers’ order and some Jewelry experts from the customer support unit were trained professionally to proffer positive answers to all the request and complaints.

However, the customer service representatives can be reached via the following designated number from Monday through Friday and the call time is 10:00 am – 10:00 pm ET, while the number to call is +1844-271-2708 for international customers and for those calling from United States as well as Canada the call number remains, 800-311-5393, time is 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET.

In the same vein, you can as well communicate with the customer service representatives by chatting with them using their live chat messenger platform to send your request as well as complaints. You can as well check the company’s Frequent Asked Question (FAQ) for related questions and their answers.

Although, most times online platform’s activities may relatively not 100% safe, Zales has employed strong security protocol that encrypts all sensitive customer credit card details using the 128- bit encryption protocol with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology.

However, if you are still not satisfied with Zales, below we have list the best Zales alternatives and sites similar to Zales you can choose from.

Stores Like Zales & Alternatives:

There many sites like Zales, however we are going to be reviewing the ones with more similarities to Zales and they include;

1.    Rose Simons

This jewelry site like Zales offer retails on both Children and adult jewelries. They have collections of precious jewelry and sale thousands of item on their platform.

More About Rose Simons

The store has continued to wax stronger since 1952 that it was established and they ensure that you get the value of your money and will never relent till you are satisfied. The first store was opened in Rhode Island were they started with exceptional quality jewelry. The store was founded by Sidney Thomas Ross who is the architect and visionary whose sole aim is to provide the finest tableware, jewelry, and many more. Presently the store is being managed by Darrell S. Ross who is the CEO of the company.

The site’s headquarters is located at 9 Ross-Simons Drive, Cranston, RI 02920 and for further inquiry, kindly visit from more explanation on how to commence shopping on the site.

The customer service section takes care of the concerns that may arise from purchasing from the platform and Alternative Apparel has set aside means of communication to help customers air their complaints or request and their customer support unit handles it and gives back feedback within some hours. For more information, call 800-835-0919 although its only available from Monday thru Friday and time is 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST, Saturday is 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, while Sunday is 10:00 am – 6:00 pm EST. You can as well download the app on google play store.

English is the official language for the online store and the price tag as well as payment are done in United States Dollars. The store is safe for transactions and you should look out for your favorite design and place your order.

Note: Every transaction on the platform might not be 100% safe but Rose Simons’ security group are always working round the clock to ensure that all your confidential details are protected with the best encryption technology.

Rose Simons Payment Options

Rose Simons accepts loads of payment processors which can be used to pay for orders and they include the following;

  • PayPal
  • Master Card
  • Ross-Simons Merchandise Credits
  • Visa Card
  • Discover Network
  • Ross-Simons Credit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Ross-Simons Gift Certificates

Rose Simons Promotions and Reward

Below are some of the available promotions and reward provided by Rose Simons and they include;

  • Hurry and be among the first to grab the 25% discount on Fine Jewelry
  • Get up to 40% Off Magnificent Jewels
  • You can be among the Ross-Simons VIP Rewards Club when you start saving with them and lots of VIP benefits are involved

2.    Angara

This is a site like Zales that specialize in sales and repair of jewelry like Earrings, Engagement, Necklaces, Wedding, Bracelets as well as other Collection. They are among the Jewelers that offer conflict free diamonds to their esteemed customers and they ensure that you always get the best services from their Professional sales reps.

More About Angara

As the name implies, Angara has continued to maintain the family business name that has made name in Design, polishing as well as Gemstone cutting. They offer services in Emeralds, Tanzanites, Sapphires, Rubies, Diamonds as well as other precious gemstones. The store was founded by Ankur Daga who has been in the family business for a while and decides to start his own. The store was founded in the second quarter of 2005 and since then their total revenue has raised to $10 million or more.

You can get more information from their official URL address using and you will discover a reason to come back for more.

For information relay to Angara, be it complaints or feedback, Angara got professional customer support representatives on ground from Monday to Friday, time is 3:00 am – 11:30 pm (PST) and Saturday to Sunday 8 am till 5 pm (PST). Call the hotline on 1 -(844) 527 4367 and you will be responded with few hours. You can as well follow them on social media for more available news and pictures on the latest arrival.

Although, everyone believes that the online market is not 100% secured, however, Angara has put in place certain measures to lift up the customers’ spirit by ensuring that every transaction is fully secured with 128-Bit encryption of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology, which protects every user details. The site has been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and they rate them A+.

Angara Payment Options

For fast and easy payment Angara has made available the following payment options which includes;

  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Visa Card
  • Discover
  • Amazon Payment
  • Money Order
  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • All payments are only accepted when it is via a United States Dollars

Angara Promotions and Reward

The following are the available promos and reward offered by Angara and they are as follows;

  • Subscribe now and get up to 12% off all purchase
  • Get all your order shipped for free (Only available for local customers in US)
  • Hurry and return all unworn and unused items within Free 30 day returns
  • Get 40% off all traditional retail on Angara stores
  • Grab the 10% discount offer off orders more than $500 in this Christmas

3.    Shane Co.

This is a site like Zales that offer uncompromised standards with continual improvement with passion in handling Jewelry sales and maintenance. Their core value is to serve you and give you a jewelry that last longer than the normal contemporary.

More about Shane Co.

The site was registered as Shane Company LLC and was established since the fall of 1971 and since then has become the largest American Jeweler owned by one family as well as the direct importer of Diamonds. It has been the family business which has been in session for over four generations and they are known for Value, Quality and customer friendly, this has been the family’s tradition.

You can get more details on how the site works from and try as much as possible to read the company’s terms and conditions as it is a necessity to the company privacy policy and many more before commencing for purchase.

Online issues and concerns on item purchased are to be forwarded to the customer service department where some professionals have been assigned to proffer solutions to all customer’s purchase. They can reach using their designated hotline number on 1 -866 -467 -4263 and the company’s Jewelry experts from the customer support unit will respond within a moment. You can as well get your answers from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or chat them up on their Live Chat Messenger and have your concerns settled in a jiffy.

The platform is safe for all online business transactions and user credit card info is fully secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology of COMODO SECURE. You can as well follow the on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube as well as other social media handles and pages.

Shane Co Payment Options

The following are the payment options provided by Shane Co for swift payment of Orders and they include;

  • Visa
  • Shane Co. Credit Card (only on Fargo Wells)
  • American Express
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • Shane Co. Gift Card
  • JCB
  • Diners Club

Shane Co Promotions and Reward

The available rewards offered by Shane Co are as follows;

  • Hurry now and return and exchange all items that you don’t like within 60 days from the purchased date with you your full money guaranteed
  • Shane Co also offers Free Maintenance, Free Cleaning, Free Resizing, Free Repair, Free Inspections, Free Lost Stone Replacement, Free Polishing
  • Enjoy the free 2-day shipping offered by Shane Co (Only for US residence)
  • Find the social media coupon code and use it for purchase discount

4.    Stuller

This is another Jewelry site like Zales that offer Bridal collections of jewelry as well as other flexible collect for both men and women.

More About Stuller

The jewelry store was established in the autumn of 1970 and the administrative as well as manufacturing headquarters is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. The idea was created and founded by Matt Stuller whose core products are Jewelry, Gemstone, Bridal Jewelry, Mountings, Metals, Digital Solutions, Findings and tools.

The site has its corporate headquarters located at 302 Rue Louis XIV Lafayetta, LA 70508 United States and the platform can be access via their official URL address using and enjoy the experience of shopping from the renowned retailers of body fashion.

The company boast of staff workforce of over 1200 employees worldwide and their watch word is Quality Service and Satisfaction.

All online issues are being taken care of by some unit of professional customer support representatives who administer the procedures in resolving all request and complaints, kindly call using the Customer’s toll free line 1 -800- 877-7777 or 337- 262- 7700 for International callers. You can get in contact with them from Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. You can as well follow them on their social media account to get most of your questions answered and as well get firsthand information on the latest and most trending Jewelry brand in Market.

The online platform is guided with loads of easy to navigate tools and cosmic web background to make the site to be fast and strong. Finally, Stuller employed the services McAfee Secure who 128-Bit encryption protocol using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which is the standard protection level.

Stuller Payment Options

Payment is the only way Stuller gets reward for their services and they have made available some payment processors that will facilitates the payment of purchased items. The available payment option includes;

  • Master card
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Discover Network
  • American Express

Stuller Promotions and Reward

The followings are some of the available promotions and reward offered in Stuller stores and they include;

  • Grab the discount offer when you purchase with Gift Card
  • Get your order delivered free of charge when you order from a United States Location
  • You can as well get up to 10% discount when you sign up for their mail list

5.    Gordons Jewelers

If you are in need of fashionable Jewelry in unique contemporary styles, then Gordons Jewelers remains the answer. This is a Jewelry specialist like Zales that offer various degrees of classic jewelry ranging from engagement ring to other perfect jewelry as well as gift item that you may think of for that special occasion. They are the one Jewelry site that observe the conflict free sourcing rules in ensuring that the product they offer remain blemish.

More About Gordons Jewelers

In the summer of 1905 in a general marcantile shop in a small Town of Houston, Texas. A Jewelry store was established by a man known as Meyer M. Gordon and he founded the store in the principles of integrity and honesty. Having gain customers trust, the store continues to grow till it recorded up to 300 showrooms in over 35 states in US and Puerto Rico.

The company accepts English as its official language and all their price tags are done in USD.

Most of you Jewelry needs are inside the platform, kindly visit and have the second to none experience with site that understands customer value. You can as well visit their head office located at their registered address on 375 Ghant Road Akron, Ohio 44333, United States of America.

Every Customers’ complaints are channeled to the customer support department, who takes care of every concerns and issues bothering purchases. You will get them via their designated hot line on 1-888-467-3661, you can forward your complaints during their work hours from Monday thru Friday, time is 9:00 am to 10:00 pm ET and Saturday is 10:00 am to 10:00 pm ET while on Sunday is 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET. You can as well reach the through the platform’s live chat messenger with the same proceeding and the available customer support agent will have handled your complaints with immediate effect.

Customers need not to be afraid to transact on the platform because the online platform is relatively secured using advanced technology of 128 –bit encryption protocol of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Having this confident in Gordons Jewelers than you are free to make all transactions without fear.

You can as well follow them via their social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and many more as to get the early bird offer from their page.

Gordons Jewelers Payment Options

The following are modes of payment in Gordons Jeweler’s stores and site and they include;

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Gordons Jeweler Gift Cards
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JBC
  • Gordons Jeweler E-Gift Cards
  • Gordons Jeweler also accepts payment from PayPal and PayPal credit, however, orders that are paid using PayPal may not be returned

Gordons Jewelers Promotions and Reward

Having surfed the site, here are the list of the available promos and discounts offered by Gordons Jewelers and they include;

  • Hurry now and save up to 40% off all purchase from the last minute sale for Christmas
  • Rush now and enjoy the discount of up to 50% from the last minute specials
  • Gordons Jeweler offers you up to $50 discount off your next purchase when you sign up to their mailing list
  • You can return as well as exchange any fully purchased product with 60 days from the purchased date


This is the conclusion of the review, most of the Jewelry store offers unique product based on customers’ specifications as well as what is on trend. Having done much analysis, I also discovered that the sites like Zales employ variants of security measures to safeguard Customers’ credit card details. In a nut shell, if you are looking for that one site that will give you the best jewelry services you may think of, then the answer lies in the above sites like Zales. I hereby recommend that you fasten your sit belt and enjoy your ride into the world of Fashionable Jewelry sites.