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Sites Like Ritani
Stores Like Ritani

Stores like Ritani and its alternatives are provided in this post. And also Ritani sister sites with similar features to Ritani.

This is one of the best jewelry stores that offer variants of engagement rings as well as bridal Jewelry. It has a combination of online as well as in-store sales, thereby giving them an edge over their contemporaries.

Are you looking for Ritani alternatives because you can’t find your desire item? Or you want more Ritani options with better qualities? Below we have explained everything you need to know about store like Ritani, however, you can skip all these to the list of all the sites like Ritani below.

More About Ritani

The Jewelry company launched its e-commerce website in October 2012, although the main company was established in the autumn of 2011. The company first started with wholesale but gradually engage in retail business which has given them an unimaginable income. The company’s head office is located in White Plains, New York.

You can make your enquiries about the operation of the online store as well as make complaints patterning to purchase. Kindly call their customer service agents using +1 800 980 1180 andthe available time to reach the customer service unit are from Monday thruFriday, time is 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. While on Saturday to Sunday is 8:30 am to5:00 pm.

List of Stores Like Ritani & Alternatives:

However, if you are still not satisfied with Ritani, below we have list the best Ritani alternatives and sites similar to Ritani you can choose from.

There are variants of Jewelry sites that offer the similar items just like Ritani and we will give you some available ones that you can always use as a backup when any is not serving you well. Below are some of the detailed sites like Ritani.

1.    Zales

This is the diamond store that offer best of diamond jewelry just like Ritani. They have collections of jewelries like Pearl Jewelry, Birthstone Gemstone Jewelry, engagement rings and many more. Zales has made name for themselves because they put you first to become the reason to celebrate. They operate both online as well as off-line, there by ensuring that no matter the case you will get maximum satisfaction from your shopping experience with them.

More About Zales

 This wonderful company is located at 375Ghent Road Ankron, Ohio 44333, United States and get across to them if you areclose by to make an order or you can as well make your shopping online using their official URL address, kindly type for more details about thestore and as well to know your eligibility status, which is a prerequisite factor to shop with them. 

The jewelry store was established since the29th of March,1924 under the supervision and management of William Zale, MorrisZale and Ben Lipshy, the first store was opened in the town known as WichitaFalls, Texas. They also included in their stock, items like cookware, cameras as well as other small appliances.

After inception, Zales has gotten so many fame that in mead 80’s the broke record by purchasing up to 890 carat of flawless diamond, which made them the first in the world and after that, they were faced with series of debt which lead them to file for bankruptcy, however, they bounced back and lots of expansion were carried out, with so many big companies like Vera Wang and others to make maximum profit at the end of 2017 fiscal year.  

All online concerns about customer’s purchase are forwarded to the department customer service were trained professionals work round the clock to offer positive response to all challenge.The customer support agents can be communicated using the following designated number from Monday thru Friday and the call time is 10:00 am to 10:00 pm ET, whilethe number to call is +1844-271-2708 for international customers and for thosecalling from United States as well as Canada the call number remains,800-311-5393, time is 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET. In the same vein, you can as well communicate with the customer service representatives by chatting with them using their live chat messenger platform to send your request as well as complaints.

Note: Every transaction on the platform might not be 100% safe but Zales security team are always working round the clock to ensure that all your confidential details are guarded with the best encryption technology.

Zales Payment Options

Some of the payment processors acceptable in Zales includes the following;

  • Master card
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Discover Network
  • American Express

Zales Promotions and Reward

In Zales stores you will be given so many discounts as well as rewards for patronizing them;

  • Be among the first to enjoy the45% discount using Zales promo codes
  • Zales also offers all customers free returns and exchange
  • Zales ensures that if you are dissatisfied with their products, you will have your money back
  • Enjoy Zales free shipping when you purchase up to $49 worth of items or more (only available to US customer)
  • Join Zales’ mail list to enjoyan amazing $50 discount off your next purchase (Applicable to only registered customers)
  • You can as well get up to 30%Off all your purchase (on for the season)
  • Zales also offers Black Friday Special sales as part of their effort to give back to their customers who havebeen shopping from them

2.    Kendra Scott

Just like other sites like Ritani, KendraScott has made the impression in the minds of many that they are unique and soshould be the jewelries they put on. The store remains an online and offline jewelry store that offers reality to your dreams as far as jewelry and homedécor is concerned.

More About Kendra Scott

The jewelry store was registered as KendraScott, LLC., the store was established in the summer of the year 2002 in aspare bedroom space with a starting capital of $500 borrowed from the bank. Kendra Scott who is the founder of the jewelry store has put in all her effortto see that the business become a household name in the Jewelry Market.

Presently, the store has up to 75 retail store and in more than 600 boutiques across the states in US, the store also has a net worth of more than $1 billion. The current staff workforce presently at Kendra is up to 85 to 160 staffs.

You can create an account on Kendra Scott websiteto start purchasing their product and this is after you must have check your eligibility level. For more insight on how to make your order online kindly visit their office web platform on, you can aswell visit their physical address located at 3800 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX78756, United States of America.

The customer service group are always around from Monday thru Thursday, time is 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, while Friday toSunday is 8:00 am thru 6:00 pm Central Time. You can reach the representatives via their designated hotline on 866-677-7023.

Kendra Scott Payment Options

Kendra Scott accepts loads of payment processor which includes the following bellow;

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • China Union
  • JCB (Japanese Credit Bureau)
  • Discover Network
  • Kendra Scott E-Gift Card
  • Kendra Scott Gift Card
  • Master Card

Kendra Scott Promotions and Reward

Here are some of the available promotions and rewards offered by Kendra Scott and they include; 

  • In Kendra Scott, you will getup to 478 promotion codes that can give you up to 30% discount
  • You will be given your cashback if you get a wrong order as well as when you are not satisfied with theirproduct
  • Kendra Scott offers free return and exchange to all their esteemed customer, however you may not return any product purchased during Buy One and Get One Free or Gift with Purchase
  • You can as well receive your order free of charge if you are ordering it from some selected states in UnitedStates

3.    Key Jewelers

This is another site like Ritani thatoffers latest styles as well as amazing jewelry designs, the store deals onvariants of jewelry products like Diamond jewelry, golden jewelry, gemstone jewelry and many more.

More About Kay Jewelers

 This Jewelry store is a subsidiary of Sterling Jewelers, and it was founded by Edmund Kaufmann and Sol Kaufmann. Itis an American Jewelry specialized company that was established over a century ago, in the year 1916, the jewelry store was founded and since then, have shownto be among the lead Jewelry retailers.

The headquarters of Kay Jewelers is locatedat Sterling Jewelers Inc. 375 Ghent Road Akron, Ohio 44333, United States. Youcan as well reach them using their main web address known as and after reading the terms and conditions, you will be able to start shopping onthe platform with ease.

Online issues are channeled to the customer support unit, who takes care of every complaints and challenges bothering purchases. You can reach them through their designated care line on800-527-8029, you can forward your complaints during their work hours from Monday thru Friday, time is 9:00 am to 10:00 pm ET and Saturday is 10:00 am to10:00 pm while on Sunday is 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET. You can as well reach the via their live chat messenger and they will have handled all complaints with courtesy and swiftly.

The official language acceptable on Kay Jewelers remains English as the Online platform is fully secured using advanced technology of 128 –bit encryption protocol of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Withthis you are free to make all transactions without fear.

Kay Jewelers Payment Method

The available credit card includes the following;

  • Kay Credit Card
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Kay Gift Card
  • American Express
  • Discovery Network

Kay Jewelers Promotions and Reward

For their customers to be happy with their services, Kay Jewelers offers some discounts and reward for sticking with them;

  • You will get your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase
  • Kay Jewelers offers all customers free return and exchange of all purchase, however, it is limited to orders not more than 30 days from purchase dates
  • Hurry and be among those toshop with 152 promo codes available for grab now
  • Enjoy the 60% offer for some selected styles
  • The customers from United states are likely to benefit from the free shipping offered to them by Kay Jewelers

4.    Bauble Bar

This is yet another beautiful online as well as offline jewelry store that offers variants of sales and services ofprecious jewelries like Gemstone, Gold, Diamond and many more.

More About Bauble Bar

The jewelry company was founded by Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain, the duo established the company during the spring ofthe year 2010 and since then, they have been committed to ensure complete satisfaction of all clients.

The company’s head office is located at 300 Carol PI Moonachie, NJ 07074, United States. For more info about the site kindly visit, you can as well read the company’s terms and conditions to know how to register and become eligible.

Customers with concerns or those who wishto make enquiry from Target, will have to go through the customer service representatives set aside to handle management customer relationships. For youto interact with them kindly chat them up using the live chat button on the dashboard or call them using the designated hotline on (646) 846- 2044. Theagents are available from Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST and be sureyou will get your reply within few hours.

Every transaction on this platform is relatively safe due to the presence of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologythat uses 128- bit encryption protocol, which is the required standard for online protection.

Bauble Bar Payment Option

The following are some of the available payment processor on the list;

  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • Master Card
  • Visa

Bauble Bar Promotions and Reward

Bauble Bar offers variants of promotional discounts to their customers and they in most cases offer these promotions to enhance their customer satisfaction. Below are some of the promotions and rewards offered by Bauble Bar;

  • Hurry and enjoy the free returnand exchange of all items purchased not more than 30 days
  • You are guaranteed your money back if you are unsatisfied with your purchase
  • Enjoy the free shipping offered to all United States customers
  • Be among the first to enjoy the534 active promotion codes, which can be used to get loads of discounts
  • Hurry now and grab your Christmas discount of up to 35% using the promo code MERRY35
  • Grab the 15% off all item soffered by Bauble Bar

5.    Pandora

Pandora is an online as well as in-store Jewelry retailers, the specialize in customizing necklaces, watches and designer rings. They ensure that all their customers are 100% satisfied at all times with their services.

More About Pandora

This is an international Danish Jewelry retailer as well as manufacturer that was established in the year 1982 underthe management of Per Enevoldsen and his then wife, Winnie Enevoldsen, it started way back then in Copenhagen.

Pandora is nice jewelry store and if you want to be shopping on their online platform, kindly visit www.m.pandora.netand get acquainted with the rules to start shopping.

The company’s Asia office is located atPandora Jewelry Asia-Pacific Limited, Suites 3801-04 and 3812-14, 38th floor,Tower 6, The Gateway, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. And the Head office is located in Haven Holmen 17 – 19 DK-1561 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Presently, the company’s total revenue is up to 22.8 billion dollars as at the end of 2017 fiscal year  

For information transfer to Pandora, be it complaints or feedback, Pandora got professional customer support agents on ground from Monday to Friday, time is 6 am till 7 pm (PST) and Saturday to Sunday 8 am till 5 pm (PST). Call the hotline on +45 3672 0044, +45 40601415 or +45 2420 8815 and you will be responded with few hours.

Every transaction in this platform are well encrypted using the advanced technology of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that operates with 128- bit encryption protocol. The Jewelry store has been satisfied by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) policy and the online store is declared safe for online business transactions.

Pandora Payment Options

For your purchase payment to be authenticated and for your payment to be processed, you must adhere strictly tothe payment rules set by Pandora, and Pandora has made available some designated payment processors. The available payment options include the following

  • Master Card
  • Visa Card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • China Union
  • PayPal

Pandora Promotions and Rewards

For customers to be happy, here are some of the available promos and rewards offered by Pandora, which includes;

  • Grab the USA free shipping offer for customers with order up to $50 and more*
  • You can get up to 10% Off your order when you sign up for Pandora mailing list
  • Get a discount when you use Pandora promo codes


Having gone through the sites like Ratani, I discovered that many of the sites stores have some similarities with one another, however, some of them offer more incentives than the rest. A large number of cash and time have been invested in the Jewelry market and the profitrealized from there is will have your mouth stand a-gap. More has been achieved with the aid of Information Technology, which in a way has fast tracked their success story. Virtually majority of the online platforms are secured and fitfor online business transactions and I hereby recommend you check out the sitesand start placing your order from any of the reviewed sites. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take maximum caution when making online store transaction because as you may have known that no online platform is 100% secured and somecyber criminals are always working round the clock to create loop holes tostrike. Having exhausted the needful, enjoy your ride to the world of Jewelry.