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Sites Like Delias

Stores like Delias and its alternatives are provided in this post. And also Delias sister sites with similar features to Delias.

This a nice fashion store that deals of different brands of clothing and accessories for young girls and women. They are into direct marketing as well as company retail of two major brands lifestyle targeting the young cutes.

The store registered as Delia’s Inc. and was established in the spring of the year 1993 in the city of New York, New York United States. Being retailer and a marketer of casual clothing and many more, the company became Inc., in the year 1996. The store was sold under the supervision of Mr. Stephen I. Kahn.

This fashion store has been purchased by Steve Russo the owner of Fab/Starpoint. The company is located in at 435 Hudson Street 5th Floor New York 10014 United States. The property of Delia’s was acquired Oak Point Partners in the second week of March, 2016 after they declared bankruptcy.

The new address of the company that purchased Oak Point remains 1033, Northbrook, IL 60065-1033 and the contact number is 847 577 1374 or 847-483-8001 and all complaints should be forwarded

For further enquiry on the platform, please call 212-807-9060 or 212 807 9069.

List of Stores Like Delias & Alternatives:

Below are some of the detailed fashion stores with some similarities like Delias and they are as follows;

1.   Alternative Apparel

This is among the fashion stores like Delias that offers different brands of clothing, shoes and accessories for both men and women who desires the unique quality of Alternate clothing. The company also specialized in designing, manufacturing, marketing as well as distributing both women and men apparel.

Alternative Apparel being an Atlanta based fashion retailing store that was founded way back the spring of 1995 was purchased by Hanes and the store has a vibrant CEO by name Evan Toporek and he has been pioneering the affairs of the $60 million worth of company to a higher height. The company was registered as Alternative Apparel, Inc. and the headquarters is located at Atlanta Georgia, United States.

They believe in adjusting simplicity with style and these and lots more can be found in the their official web address, visit and the standard delivery period is 2 to 7 days as any delivery not made within this specified time should be reported.

The customer service section takes care of the concerns that may arise from purchasing from the platform and Alternative Apparel has set aside means of communication to help customers air their complaints or request and their customer support unit handles it and gives back feedback within some hours. For more information, call 877 747 2915 although its only available from Monday thru Friday and time is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. You can as well download the app on google play store.

English is the official language for the online store and the price tag as well as payment are done in United States Dollars. The store is safe for transactions and you should look out for your favorite design and place your order.

Alternative Apparel Payment Options

Every payment option serves as an avenue for quick settlement as well as payment of purchase or order and below are some approved payment processors made available by Alternative Apparel which includes;

  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Alternative Gift Card
  • PayPal Express
  •  Master Card

Alternative Apparel Promotions and Reward

There are some available promos and discount offered by Alternative Apparel which includes;

·       You can as well be a beneficiary of Free product shipping for all customers with the US territories

·       There is free space for you to return faulty or unused order with 30 days’ grace period

·       Enjoy the special discount of up to 40% OFF every damn thing on Cyber Monday (Using CMONDAY40 as promo code) 

·       Hurry and be part of the boom when you refer a friend and you get a reward of $20

2.   Love Culture

Here is another fashion store like Delias that offers you variants of everythin in fashion to stay sweet and cute during cold weather. The store offers cuter and pinky designs of clothing, hand bags, footwear and accessories for the young women between the age bracket of 18nto 35 years.

Love Culture as a company was established and registered in the year 2007 under the management and supervision of Bennett Koo and Jai Rhee who happens to be a former Forever 21 CEO. However, the online store was opened in the summer of 2010. They have up to 82 stores across United States and the company a total of $50 million both liability and assets.

For more detail on how you can be part and parcel of the online fashion boom, kindly visit and everything you seek will be at the tip of your finger.

Online as well as offline issues are channeled to the customer service department and it is their work to carry out investigation to any alleged concerned purchase related issues. You can forward your complaints to 1-888-764-0314 and they are available from Monday thru Friday, time is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST). You can as well follow them to their social media pages or handles and have your doubts corrected with the right answer. 

Love Culture Payment Method

Variants of payment options are being made available to customers for easy payment. These options include;

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • JBC
  • Diners Club International
  • Google Pa
  • PayPal    
  • Apple pay
  • American Express

Love Culture Promotions and Reward

For customers to be pleased the following steps so far has been taken in achieving this and one of them includes giving out promotions and rewards to customers. Below are some of the available rewards and promo;

·       Enjoy the free shipping made available for all orders up to $50 or more

·       Refer a friend and enjoy various degrees of discount promo

·       Grab the chance of getting 50% discount Off everything you ordered on Sitewide (Using the promo code FLASH50)

  • Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is another good fashion store like Delias that offer appealing brands of clothing, shoes, jackets, shoes as well as other apparel accessories to young men and women as well as kids.

The fashion store was registered as Abercrombie & Fitch LLC. The store has been in existence for over a century was established in the year 1892 and the company is owned by David T Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch who also owns Oshman’s Sports Good and since they kicked off for business, Abercrombie & Fitch has up to 30,000 staff work force under its payroll and the stores are located in over 1500 locations.

Most times it is important that you know the contact address of the store you are ordering from, the registered address of Abercrombie & Fitch is 200 Abercrombie Way New Albany, OH 43054 United States. For further details on the store kindly visit, you are advised to check your eligibility before commencing for purchase as under age refund will be denied.

All user information is secured using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Technology and the credit card details is protected using 128- bit encryption protocol.

The customer service takes full control of all complaints that may arise from purchased orders as well as for those who wish to make enquiry. You can call the available hot line on 0800 297507

Abercrombie & Fitch Payment Method

After much consideration, below are the available designated payment processors, which can be used for payment of all orders, these include;

·       American Express

·       JCB (Japanese Credit Bureau)

·       Poli

·       Discover

·       Astro pay

·       Abercrombie & Fitch Gift Cards and merchandise 

·       Safety Pay

·       PoliNZ

·       Yandex

·       Qiwi

·       Moneta

·       Web money

·       PayPal

·       All payments are done using US Dollars except PayPal that allows the following currency like BRL, AUD, NZD, ILS, MXN and USD

Abercrombie & Fitch Promotions and Reward

Below are some of the approved promotions available for customer’s satisfaction;

·       Enjoy a mass 20% discount off all purchase using the promo code 11744

·       Get more discount when you pay with your gift card

·       Get up to 10% discount when you sign up for the newsletter

3.   Tillys

When you shopping in Tillys, you are simply getting the best fashion designs and styles from renowned brands such as Adidas, HUF, Jansport, Diamond, Billabong and many more. They are taking the hems of the fashion industries by specializing in retailing of clothing, shoes, bags as well as other accessories for both kids, men and women.

Tillys has emerged as the leading force of the online fashion market, they are spreading like wild fire across the 31 states of the United States. Presently the operate up to 222 stores including their head office in Irvine California and they are still aspiring to grow more.

The company started way back the summer of 1982 under the distinguish leadership of Hezy Shaked and was opened first in the city of Los Alamitos, California, USA.

For you to become a full customer, you must adhere to the terms and conditions of Tillys and as much check the privacy policy to ascertain the level of your privacy that needs to be given out and if you are not ok with it, you can opt out. To access the platform, kindly visit, and learn more of the things they do.

For information transfer to Tillys, be it complaints or feedback, Tillys got professional customer support representatives on ground from Monday to Friday, time is 6 am till 7 pm (PST) and Saturday to Sunday 8 am till 5 pm (PST). Call the hotline on (866) 484 5597 and you will be responded with few hours.

Although, everyone believes that the online market is not 100% secured, however, Tillys has put in place certain measures to lift up the customers’ spirit by ensuring that every transaction is fully secured with 128-Bit encryption of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology, which protects every user details.

Tillys Payment Options

In Tillys customers are fully provided with all the payment options as to enable them make swift transactions and the payment processors included are;

·       American Express

·       Visa

·       Discover

·       Master Card

·       PayPal

·       Tillys do not accept payments from Bank Transfers, Money Order, Master Cards, Visa, American Express, Discover Gift Cards

Tillys Promotions and Reward

In Tillys there are many was to get customers rolling down to the bank daily and this is by offering them some promotions and reward, below are some of the packages offered to customers.

·       Tillys offer free shipping to all their customers that purchase items worth more than $49

·       Get the biggest clearance of the year by getting a discount of 50 to 70% both online and in store

·       They offer 50% discount for RSQ Jeans when you buy one and get half the price for the other.

·       Get a chance of winning a $500 free shopping sphere when you sign up your profile

4.   Alloy Apparel

Another fashion store like Delias is Alloy Apparel and they deal on retails of seasonal women’s collections, ancient and modern trendy styles as well as high-end retail merchandise. Alloy Apparel has made a fast step to ensure that your outward look become their utmost goal and this quest motivated them to offer variants of apparel, which ranges from weekend lounge looks to sophisticated styles to mix of trend-right designs. Alloy Apparel gives fashion power to tall elegant young women to be appreciative of their heights as well as offering them wide collection of latest trends with different size options to compliment it.

Alloy Apparel was registered as a company with business name known as Alloy Apparel, LLC., the fashion store was founded by an innovative entrepreneur know as Steve Russo who established Alloy Apparel in the fall of the year 1996, Steve and his group of other goal driven management team has taken the fashion store to the limelight and they will keep working to remain on top of their game.

Prior to the need to enlarge their customer intake, Alloy Apparel in 2013, relaunched campaign after some setbacks and this erupted the allocated energy by engaging the social media as well as campaigning with some press collaborations to bring the store to the top. Alloy Apparel as encourage any fashion vendor with interest in the store to come in affiliate agreement with them, they also encourage selling more of their products and this is possible when you sign up to the affiliate section on their website and register, kindly visit, for more information about how you can commence your purchase on the platform.

If you desire to pay a visit to the fashion store headquarters which is located at 946 W. 17th Street Costa Mesa, CA 92627 USA.

Online issues and concerns on item purchased are to be forwarded to the customer service department where some professionals have been assigned to proffer solutions to all customer’s purchase. They can reach using their designated hotline number on +1 855 452 5569 and hopefully they will respond within few hours. 

The platform is conducive for online business transactions and user credit card info is fully secured using SSL Technology.

Alloy Apparel Payment Method

For any payment to be authenticated, you are obliged to make payment using the approved payment processor and below are some of the available payment options made available by Alloy Apparel which includes;

·       PayPal

·       Visa

·       Amazon Payment

·       American Express

·       Discover Credit

·       Master Card

·       Alloy Apparel do not accept personal checks, money orders, Direct Bank Transfer and all payments are in US Dollars

Alloy Apparel Promotions and Reward

Below are some of the promos offered by Alloy Apparel to make their customers feel taken along, below are some of the available promotions and rewards in Alloy Apparel Store;

·       Hurry and have your order shipped for free, however it is applicable to all purchase worth up to $95 or more (Only for Residence around the United States)

·       Grab the special discount offers on pants offered now in Alloy Apparel stores

·       Hurry now and enjoy special discount on clothing like Pants, Sweatpants, Jeans, Tops, Dresses and skirts, Jumpsuits and Rompers, Outerwear and Jackets

·       Alloy Apparel gives interested and qualified students Scholarship as well as sponsor any tall team events

5.   Hollister

The final but not the least on our list of stores like Delias and the name is Hollister, they offer fascinating designs and brand style of apparel, footwear, hand bags as well as other clothing accessories for young boys and girls. They also double as an American lifestyle brand that lures young adventurous teenagers within the age space of 14 to 18, with offers that inspires your real image as well as giving you quality casual wear that is pocket friendly.

The fashion store operates with English as its official language and United states dollar remains the accepted means of payment. Presently, the store has of up to 578 outlets in different locations that deals on products like Sunglasses, Belts, Hats, Candles, Underwear, body care, swimwear, Pajamas, Perfume as well as many others.

The store is an American Fashion Store which registered as Hollister Co and the store was founded by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. and owned by David T Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch, the store was established in the year 2000, July 27 to be precise. The Company’s head office is situated at ever busy street of 100 Hollister Co Way New Albany, Ohio 43054, United States.

You can check more about the online store by visiting their official URL address on, You are required to read the store’s terms and conditions as well as privacy policy, which will determine whether your transactions are legit and safe for your credit card.

Every transaction on the platform is being protected with the aid of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that guides all user’s private details with 128 -bit encryption protocol for better cyber policing.

Online concerns are directed to Hollister customer service department, where all issues bothering to purchase are being handled and you can reach the customer support representatives using the designated hotline +1 614 283 7100 for international customers or 866-426-1285 for local customers and you will get answers to your request within an hour. They have a live chat messenger where you can chat them up and it is located on the dashboard of the platform webpage.

Hollister Payment Method

For all transactions to be fast, Hollister has made available some payment options that will enhance payment processing and the available options includes;    

  • Hollister Gift Cards

·       POli

·       Astro Pay

·       PayPal

·       Hollister E-Gift Cards

·       Visa

·       American Express

·       Safety Pay

·       Master Card

Hollister Promotions and Reward

For customer to keep patronizing them, Hollister made available some discounts as well as promotions to give customers face a lift. The promotions and rewards offered by Hollister includes;

·       Grab the free shipping offer for all Jeans purchased

·       Get the Undies promo of buy 5 at the rate of $25

·       Sign up and enjoy massive discount of up to 40% OFF all products

·       Join the Hollister Club to enjoy up to 15% Membership discount on shop select Tops

·       Hurry and take part in the All Clearance sales which offers Up to 60% OFF all products on Clearance


It becomes a monopoly if only one fashion store is being overcrowded and others are not, this lead to the listing and review of other sites that shares some similarities with Delias, and yet most others offer more commodities than the rest. Having made close research on all the stores that have similarities like Delias and when you feel like swapping for another taste of fashion like the formal, then feel free and check any from the stores above. In summary, all the stores are fully protected from the activities of Cyber traitors, although no online transaction is 100% secured but maximum precaution has been taken to checkmate their activities. I recommend these stores to all fashion lovers.