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This is Jewelry stores like Abazias. And also a number of other sites and brands like Abazias that have similar features and brands but better

This is a Jewelry store that specialized on retailing of diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wholesale diamond rings, loose diamond and lots more at an affordable price.

More About Abazias

The company was registered as Abazias Inc. and it is one of the subsidiaries of Infusion Brands International, Inc. and the site was established since 2006 and it remains among the leading dealers of diamond in the North American regions. The company was founded by Oscar Rodriguez and he has been working round the clock to be in the heart of many who desire the best diamond jewelry and many more.

Customers’ issues bothering on purchased item should be directed to the customer service support unit where some professional will proffer solutions to all challenges. You can reach the using their hotline number on +1 800 603 9940 and expect their responds within few hours. 

The platform is conducive for online business transactions and user credit card info is fully secured and this made them to be recording high influx of customers as well as social medial followership.

The site has a corporate head office located in Clearwater/Gainesville, Florida United States. It also boasts of an annual revenue of up to $43.2 or more. The company has a staff workforce of up to 109 employees who have been working tirelessly to give Abazias and their customers a face lift. They offer over 120,589 diamond as well as hundreds of premium rings.

However, the site has been acting funny during the time of compiling this review and you are advised to exercise maximum caution. For more details on the activities of the site kindly log on to and enjoy your view.

Jewelry Stores Like Abazias:

Here are the few available sites like Abazias and they include;

1.    Jewelry Television

This jewelry site is among the best stores like Abazias that specialize on retailing of Jewelry. They are among the leading retailer of gemstones and jewelry that offer unique products for a pocket friendly price.


Blue Nile is an amazing Jewelry site that offers perfect jewelry that will suite your desired style. The store is just like Abazias, however, there are loads of unique and high quality rings and other jewelry accessories, including conflict free diamonds. 


This is one of the best jewelry stores that offer variants of engagement rings as well as bridal Jewelry. It has a combination of online as well as in-store sales, thereby giving them an edge over their contemporaries.


This is a jewelry store like Abazias that implement a uniform quality scale as to ensure that customers get a 100% quality of what the paid for. It is a place to get the finest jewelry, free engraving, wide variety and many more.


As the name implies, The Vintage Pearl is another unique jewelry store that offers wholesales as well as retails of personalized jewelry, hand stamped jewelry, monogram, engraved jewelry, charm bracelets, promise rings and many more. The ensure that quality being their watch-word is found in all their products.


Having checked all the Jewelry like Abazias, I discovered that its only Abazias that have online issues with their platform, however, if you are in need of other stores like Abazias, kindly select from any of the sites listed above and you will enjoy doing so. The sites have maximum security for bussiness transaction, so fasten your seat belt and enjoy your ride to the world of Jewelry.