Sites & Stores Like 2020AVE | Alternatives

Sites Like 2020AVE

Stores like 2020AVE and its alternatives are provided in this post. And also 2020AVE sister sites with similar features to 2020AVE. This is a privately owned fashion store, that is registered as 2020AVE and they are concerned about your look, appearance, layout as well as design of the clothing the offer to you.

The head office of the company is located at 750 E. 14th St. #111 Los Angeles, CA 90021 United States. For further details on the fashion store, please visit the official home page for more info.

You can talk to the customer support representatives when you have issues with your purchase and they are available from Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.

The online platform is fully secured using advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and every transaction is encrypted with 128-bit encryption protocol,

List of Stores Like 2020AVE & Alternatives:

Here are some of the fashion stores that has similar transaction method with 2020 Ave and they include;

1.   Zara

Zara is one of the world’s largest online fashion retailer from Spain. It was initially called Zobra when it was founded in 1975, that is more than 4 decades ago. After a while, they had to change their name to Zara when they observed that store had the same name two blocks away. As the years went by, they started expanding internationally, first in Porto, Portugal in 1988 and then to other parts of the world such as US, France, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, China, Philippines, India, South Korea, Morocco, Hungary, South Africa, to mention but a few.

Zara Specialized in all types of fashion outfits. cosmetics and accessories including children’s wears which some of the brands available are being manufactured and produced by Zara itself. It is a fashion retailer founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera and they are based in Arteixo (A Coruna), Spain. Zara is noted for one major thing, and that is quality. And this is why they make a lot of sales even without placing adverts of their products.

They have over 7,475 stores in over 88 countries worldwide and have Inditex as their parent company. They have a warehouse that is about 9 times the size of Amazon’s warehouse, about 5 million square feet warehouse.

Since the year 2014, Zara started making use of the RFID technology which helps in quickly notifying the stockroom about their inventory. The RFID is a small chip using radio signals which is placed in the security tags of the products or items sold and it helps them take inventory of the products sold or remaining. Their company is also known to be eco-friendly because they make use of the wind turbines and solar panels. They were once noted to have been producing toxic-free clothing.

Zara Promotions and Reward

There are many ways that Zara tends to reward their loyal customers and they include offering different kinds of promotions and rewards. Below are good examples of them.

  • Zara Coupons deal gives you up to 36% Off orders
  • Zara gives free delivery for items that worth up to $50 or more
  • Hurry now and get a reward discount, up to 70% OFF (available on some Selected Styles)
  • Be among those to get up to 70% discount Off women’s sale tops

2.   TOBI

Tobi is a good example of fashion store like 2020 Ave and they offer best of feminine flowing Clothing with special designer style as well as luring and cute styles on a pocket friendly and affordable price. You always get amazing and trendy fashion Apparel, Footwear, Hand bags as well as other clothing accessories in Tobi Fashion Stores.

Tobi an online fashion store that produce, design as well as retail their unique and exclusive fashion styles in the autumn of 2006 in the small town in San Francisco, their aim is to make their products to be quick in your hands anywhere you are in the world. The fashion store was founded by Kenneth Chan and he has been working round the clock to bring every woman’s desire in the fashion industry.

Tobi Rewards and Promotions

For Tobi promotions and rewards were the only way they can reach out to the esteemed customers and appreciate them for believing in them and their products. Below are some of the available rewards as well as promotions offered by Tobi;

  • You stand to receive about 85% off Markdowns
  • The also offer 50% off sitewide when you use the code “GOBBLE”. This offer lasts for only a while.
  • Tobi offers free shipping for purchases worth about $50 and above with a free 10-days return policy
  • Shop for the first time with Tobi and get 50% discount on your orders

3.   MANGO

Mango is a Spanish fashion store like 2020Ave that offer special trends in men’s, women’s and kid’s fashion styles and they offer solace place where adventurous and the not easily offended tend to discover more of your taste in Apparels, Footwear, Jeans, Hand bags as well as other clothing accessories. It is among the top Spanish fashion stores that manufactures, design, market as well as retail apparel designs of variant styles and brands.

Having made necessary arrangement for fashion, Mango as an innovative fashion store opt in for wool knit, shearling, flawless leather, fluid fabrics, rough tweed and with these qualities they are bound to give you a stand out fashion styles that will make you look like a celebrity.

Mango as fashion store was established in the early summer of 1984 in the ever busy street in palau-solita I plegamans under the management and supervision of Nahman Andic and Isak Andic. The first business name given to the store was Punto Fa, trading.

Furthermore, Mango is a designing store as well as manufacturing Spanish owned fashion company and the store presently boosts of about 5.345.800.000 Euros as their total annual revenue and a staff workforce of up 15,000 employees. The headquarter is still located in Dpto. De Atencion al Cliente Calle Mercaders 9-11, Pol.Ind. Riera de Caldes, C.P. 08184 Palau-Solita I Plegamans, Bercelona, Spain.

Mango Promotions and Rewards

For service efficiency Mango offers lots of rewards to the customers and the keep bringing different promotions to enhance their customer satisfactory policy. Below are some of the available promotions and rewards from Mango;

  • Mango offers 10% discount off your newly collected orders as soon as you have completed your sign up for Mango email list
  • Rush now and enjoy Free shipping for order that worth more than $49 to some selected destinations in US
  • Hurry now get all unworn, unused, damaged items, returned free of charge within 30 days from purchased date


4.    LULU

Lulus is among top fashion store with some similarities with 2020 Ave. They offer exclusive designs of clothing to their female customers all over the world. They have diverse designs like the NYC Street style, Tattoo Culture, Gucci, Rock n Roll and lots of others to give you and your wardrobe an edge to the world’s trending swag.

Lulus being satisfied by Better Business Bureau, keep working round the clock to continually giving their customers an amazing and a desirable fashion store. The store emerged out to give satisfaction and fashion taste to all fashion lovers.

The company was registered by Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Inc. and it was founded in the winter period of 1996 and it has managed to remain on top of its game by giving solace to all Go & Rock lovers.

Be rest assured that Lulus use the security standard authentication and encryption technology to ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure.

Lulus Promotions and Reward

Below are some of the fantastic bonus and offers you can get when you shop with Lulus and they include;

  • They also offer a 10% bonus for all customers who signed up for their email, follow, like and sign up to be among the first to access their sales and promotions.
  • Lulus offer variants of promo codes on their social media accounts, such as; Facebook page, Twitter page as well as Instagram page.
  • With Lulus loyalty program, you tend to have loads of discount as a VIP, although the program is only available for eligible customers up to the age of 18 years, further, the reward is only available for those residing in the United States of America
  • Any Love reward account holder that makes at least two qualified order within a space of six months automatically qualifies for the VIP status and for you to maintain the VIP status, you have to be making an order every six month.
  • Lulus offers all US customers free shipping for order more than $50
  • With Lulus Love reward, you get access to 15% discount off your purchase in the substituent purchase and VIP members get 20% off to be used on their next order.


5.   Black Milk

This is an Australian fashion store like 2020Ave that manufacture as well as retail clothing, footwear, underwear as well as loads of accessories. The produce high innovative designer clothing and fascinating shoes to match the test of their customers.

They started way back in a small yellow house that is located near loud train station with the environments surrounded with mangos trees in the city of Brisbane, Australia. Presently the fashion store is located at 2443 Fortitude Valley BC, QLD Australia 4006. The company was founded by James Lillis and Sally Osburn becomes the first CEO.

The store was registered as Black Milk Clothing Pty Ltd and they have up to 500 staff workforce.

Presently they deliver orders round the globe using UPS Express, and for more information on the site, kindly visit

For you to be able as well as start purchasing on the platform, please try as much as possible to check the company’s terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy to know your eligibility and how secured your private info are. The official URL address is, if in any case you choose to start up something with them.

The platform is well guarded and deemed fit for all transactions. Black Milk officials was working round the clock to give their customers utmost satisfactions.

Black Milk Payment Options

Below are some of the payment options available and they include;

  • After Pay
  • PayPal
  • Black Milk Vouchers
  • Master Card
  • Visa

Black Milk Promotions and Rewards

Black Milk gives out some attractive, mouth-watering promos as well as rewards to all their customers, some of the rewards offered are;

  • Get up to 20% discount from all sleepwear purchased till November 4
  • Enjoy free return of unused and unwashed items and offer last till December 31, 2018


After evaluating all the fashion stores like 2020Ave, I discovered that virtually all have similar reward system, payment options as well as free shipping to United States. The sites are well secured for transactions and you need not to fear while trading with them, however, be cautious of the information you give out. I recommend the stores to you as an alternate shopping place when 2020Ave is not giving you what you want or you wish to make a random change.