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Jewelry stores like James Allen and also some other popular websites and brands that are good James Allen alternatives are listed here

You might as what James Allen offer; they are among the largest internet retailers in the Diamond market. It is a place to get variants of Jewelry products at a very low price. They use technology to fast track the minds of many who desire to have diamond jewellery in their collects. They offer products like; gold jewellery, diamond, gemstone and many more.

You can also find some other jewellery stores like James Allen in case you need more similar pieces of jewellery stores to order from online.

More About James Allen

Sometimes on the 24th August 2017, the Jewelry company was sold out to Signet at a total cost of $328 million. After then, there was so many changes as well as improvement with an assurance to all their clients that they will at all times guaranteed the quality of the jewellery purchased from their store.

The site operates with English as its official language and all price tag and payment do accept USD as its official payment currency.

Apart from James Allen, there are several other sites that have some similarities like James Allen and those are the sites we are going to review as to give you comprehensive alternate plan when you feel like changing brands and designers, then check on any of the listed sites below.

Jewelry Stores Like James Allen are:

This is another Jewelry store like James Allen that believes in quality and they are among the best jewellery retailers. They specialize in creating special and unique rings that will give your union a long memory. The durability of their product that is affordable, courtesy of Chris and his craftspeople has made them famous.

  • 2.  Peter Norman Jewellers

Peter takes pleasure in treating each piece with the best care they could. The jewellery store is among stores like James Allen that offer Jewelry Design, Appraisal, Maintenance as well as Repairs. So when next you are looking for a customise wedding jewellery, Peter Norman is the right place to call.

This is another jewelry store like James Allen that ensures that all their products do through quality control check as to make sure that their products remain unbeatable anywhere in the world. They ensure that you get the widest selection of fine jewelry at a competitive price, and their product include; Earrings, Wedding band, Bangle, Rings and many more.

Uneek Jewelry remains among many sites like James Allen that offers sublime designs, flawless and faultless workmanship as well as genuine customer service relationship. Their best services have earned over a dozen awards as the premier designer of Diamond and Gemstone Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and many more. 

This is a good James Allen alternative. Ella Stein is an Indian Jewelry store that offers extraordinary design and craftsmanship done by young female artisans that specialize in the handmade production of fine jewellery.


Having exhausted all the resources on the sites like James Allen, here is my stack, I discovered that most of the sites are offering similar quality of conflict-free diamonds and gemstones as well as other promotional packages.

The sites are secured for online business transactions, however, be informed that no online web platform is 100% safe and free from cyber-attack, that is why there are variants of lay down strategies to make the system work hassle-free. I recommend all Jewelry lovers to this amazing Jewelry stores like James Allen.